USPI Handheld Depth Filtration System


Handheld Portable Filtration System

USPI Handheld Portable Filtration systems (Model: 150 series) are designed for use on:  myriad types of equipment.  (150HH-EM pictured to the left)

The 150 series filtration systems are lightweight and compact systems designed to be carried and used on small reservoirs or in hard to reach areas. It performs the same ultra-fine filtration as USPI's larger filtration systems, employing a simple approach to filtering that removes both solid contaminants and the water contamination. The 150 series can prolong the equipment and fluid life of machinery that other filtration cannot reach.



  • Powder Coated Steel Filter Housing
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Oil Sample Port
  • 60 Mesh SS Y-Strainer
  • Flow Meter: 0-5 GPM
  • Drain Valve
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Two 3/4" x 6' High Pressure Hoses
  • Pump: 0.5-2 GPM
  • Elec. Motor: 0.3 HP 120V 1Ph
  • Air Motor: 1.8 HP w/ regulator & lubricator
  • Dimensions (EM): 12"W x 29.5"H x 17.5"D
  • Weight: ~49 lbs.

    filter elements sold separately



150HH-AM 1.8 HP Air
150HH-EM 0.3 HP Electric



can be added in any combination to EM model

-X: explosion-proof
-W: non-caustic washdown




Versatile Filtration

  • Uniquely designed to filter both low and high viscosity fluids
  • Capable of filtering fluids including water-based and petroleum-based gear oils
  • Suited for hundreds of applications, such as hydraulic reservoirs, gearboxes, injection molders, construction and mining equipment, turbines, or a drum or tote of collected dirty fluids

User Friendly

  • Light and compact design allows transportation into hard to reach areas
  • Hoses allow quick connection to equipment
  • Sample probe allows quick and easy oil samples

Contamination Control

  • Multi-pass depth filtration reduces particulate and water contamination
  • Filtration down to one micron (dependent upon USPI filter element chosen)
  • Can restore or bring oil to cleaner-than-new levels
  • Filter elements each hold about 3 pounds of solid and 1.25 quarts of water contaminants

Reclamation and Recycling

  • Sustains a valuable commodity (green-friendly)
  • Averts contamination of the environment (green-friendly)
  • Saves money by reducing new oil purchases and waste disposal costs as much as 80%