Refrigeration Oil Filtration System

Refrigeration Oil Filtration System

USPI High Pressure Refrigeration Inline Filtration systems (Model: 1000AMM) are designed to be used inline on:  refrigeration, reciprocating and screw compressors to increase fluid and equipment life. (S1000AMM pictured left)

With a simple approach to filtering that removes both solid contaminants and moisture from compressor fluids, you will be able to see oil cleanliness improving through the oil sight glass within weeks. This ultra-fine filtration helps maximize compressor, fluid, oil filter and coalescer life and minimize maintenance costs.

Like other members of USPI’s stationary filtration systems, it is easy to operate (i.e. take an oil sample, monitor filter element life, change filter elements and drain canisters) and employs a simple approach to filtering that removes both solid contaminants and moisture from your fluids for longer equipment and fluid life.


  • Sturdy Metal Frame
  • ASME-Rated Powder Coated Filter Housing(s)
  • Steel Mounting Bracket
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Oil Sample Port
  • Flow Meter
  • Flow Regulating Valve
  • Drain Valve(s)
  • Pressure Gauges

Filter Elements sold separately


USPI 1000AMM Units

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USPI Filtration & 1009-68SC

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USPI Filtration & ALT-68SC

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  • Easy installation and operation
  • No pumps and motors to set up or maintain
  • Installation requires only two isolation ball valves, four compression fittings and tubing
  • NH3 sample probe makes taking oil samples quick and easy
  • Multi-pass depth filtration reduces particulate and water contamination
  • Filtration down to one micron (dependent upon USPI filter element chosen)
  • Can restore or bring oil to cleaner-than-new levels
  • Filter elements each hold about 12 pounds of solid and 5 quarts of water contaminants
  • Simple payback is normally under 12 months
  • Typically Increases oil life from 2,000 hours to over 100,000 runtime hours  (using a quality USPI synthetic or semi-synthetic fluid)
  • Typically extends screw compressor bearing life from 30,000 to over 70,000 hours



1-120 gal1 filter85 lbs19x42x18

121-240 gal2 filters135 lbs25.5x42x18

241-360 gal 3 filters235 lbs38.5x42x18